COfounder matching

Do you want be a cofounder but don’t have a startup or team. Yet.

Look no further! You´ve come to the right place.

We are matching skills with ideas, - and cofounders with startups.

Startups will be more successful when they have two or more balanced partners. Many founders make the mistake of finding a co-founder who is exactly like them, rather than finding someone with complementary skills. Ideally, startup teams should mix skill sets. 

Having two or more founders on the team, rather than one, significantly increases a startup’s odds of success.  
According to Startup Genome, startups will raise capital 30% more investment, grow their customers three times as fast, and will be less likely to scale too quickly.

It’s clear that two or more fully invested founders are greater than the sum of their parts. Let us help you match your skills with other exceptional founders.

Find open positions in interesting early stage startups or become an entrepreneur by helping driven peers to bring their dream into reality. 

Or get matched to startups and let your dream job find you! 

Join the DigitalWell Ventures Cofounder Talent Matching Platform!


  • As an Accelerator we invest in people and great teams before anything else.
  • As a startup founder you are always looking for talents and great people that can add value to your team and company. 
  • As an innovator, energetic entrepreneur you always look for great opportunities around you.


At DigitalWell Ventures we combine these different aspects enabling great people too meet. 


If you want to take part, please upload this 1-minute application and you will bli part of our cofounder platform and be invited to our activities for matchning startups and talents.


Build your next company together with amazing people and the DigitalWell Ventures Team, our startups and ecosystem!

After your registration, we will send you more information regarding the progress, opportunities to provide feedback regarding the work and how to apply when everything is set up. 

This is NOT a guarantee for participation in the program, only a first general registration of interest. We will share your information only with participants within the program.

If you have further questions, please contact us at

/The DigitalWell Ventures Team

DigitalWell Ventures Cofounder Matching
- Registration of Interest 


Anyone looking for a startup team or a founder that you can join in their startup journey. Please send in the 1-minute form above and you are in! 

When you join the The DigitalWell Cofounder Matching Platform your will become part of our network och able to be found by other startup founders that we we are in contact with. There is no guarantee that there will be a match, but if you don’t apply, your will never know what CAN happen. So try us out! 

Yes you can! We value partners and people who would like to contribute with cofounder talent and founders into the matching platform. Please contact us and lets talk!



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