Startup Asya graduates from the DigitalWell Ventures accelerator

This spring, DigitalWell Ventures celebrated the graduation of start-up from our second cohort.

Asya was the first Latvian startup in our health tech accelerator. Their journey really impressed us!

Asya joined our accelerator with their relationship app Closer to You, which uses their unique AI-driven voice emotion detection software to help couples improve their communication.

In the middle of the program, Asya pivoted their business to cover a completely new market segment!


Milestones for Asya during the accelerator program:

  • Closer to You reached +40 000 subscribers and was launched in three different languages. (English, Swedish and Latvian)
  • The US app Our Love added Closer to You as an optional service in their app.
  • Asya have further improved their AI for vocal emotion detection.
  • Last but not least, Asya created a brand-new service for the B2B market – Pitch Patterns, which offers sales agents qualified feedback on their calls. The service already has paying customers.

As we speak, Physact is well on their way to sign agreements with regional healthcare providers.

“Like everyone else we were impressed by Asya’s deep tech, which takes voice recognition one step further. But they also really impressed us business-wise, the way they pivoted their product to also target the B2B market. That kind of insight distinguishes an innovative company from an innovative company who also can analyse the market. It´s been a real pleasure being part of Asya’s journey.” SaysDavid Holm, Investment Manager, DigitalWell Ventures


The Asya team. 

Congratulations team!

“In the DigitalWell Ventures we managed to get our B2C app Closer to You translated into Swedish and launched it on the Swedish market so we gained more exposure in the Swedish market and almost doubled the amount of subscribers for our customer app. Also, they helped us to pivot the whole technology and move to a B2B market by doing different customer discovery processes along the way with different companies in the Scandinavian market.” Says Anita Ramka, product manager at Asya. 



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