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Our Ultimate Accelerator Goal: Boosting the Success Rate of Startups within the Digital Health and Welfare Sector

Join The DigitalWell Accelerator Program!

DigitalWell Ventures is a dual-location accelerator in Sweden and Norway for digital health and welfare companies in the Nordics and the Baltics - a fast track to testbeds, investors and the public sector. For startups in the digital health and welfare sector we offer an 8-month accelerator program that you can combine with your daily business development - taking your startup to the next level!

What we are looking for

Are you a founder or a team in the digital health and welfare sector that are passionate for what you want to accomplish, curious and prepared to take the next step in the journey for your company?

Have you done your discovery journey and now want to validate your business with real customers, build and prepare you company for scaling?

Then we would like to hear about you and your company!

Please apply by filling in our simple application form and if you match our criterias we would love to meet you for a first meet&greet and take it from there.

If your company is still in idea or very early stage we recommend you to first contact DigitalWell Innovation Support – offering pre-accelerator services to companies in this stage.

About the Accelerator Program

The DigitalWell Ventures Accelerator Program makes it possible for health tech companies in the Nordics and Baltics to develop and validate their business model with real customers through public and private testbeds and preparing for successful scaling.

What we offer

Agile Accelerator Curriculum with a 8-Months Perspective - built on your companies individual needs
Virtual Program with dual-location Co-working Spaces Opportunities and Collaborations in Sweden & Norway
Experienced Program Managers, International Mentors & Advisors

Access to attractive testbeds in Sweden and Norway and unique access to the Public Sector and Academia

International Ecosystems & Networks within Health, Welfare & Emerging tech

Investor Network & Demo Days Opportunities

Business Evaluation based on KTH Innovation Readiness Level finding your current and long-term needs and strategies going forward

Value for You and your Startup

Fast Track Company Building
8-month perspective - focus on building your business
Hands-On Support Services, Strategy Approaches
Access to Professional Business Services
Build Networks & Access Ecosystems in the New Nordics
Soft Funding Opportunities & Pitch Investors
Accelerated Learning for you as a founder, your team and startup

Our Ultimate Accelerator Goal:

Boosting the Success Rate of Startups within the Digital Health and Welfare Sector

Are you curios and want to know more? Show your interest by applying now!



Det regionala projektet DigitalWell finansieras av Europeiska Unionen – Europiska regionala utvecklingsfonden. Syftet med DigitalWell är att vi tillsammans ska utveckla digitala lösningar för behov inom välfärden med användarens egenförmåga i fokus.