Accelerator companies and testimonials

Loopeli AB

Loopel is an agetech startup developing communication service for simple video calls for the elderly. Loopeli's solution is a combination of hardware and software tools that add value to elderly and disabled care recipients, relatives, care staff, businesses & society.

Coach Nation

Coach Nation is a startup specializing in the well-being and performance of employees within companies. Coach Nation's goal is to support companies in reaching their maximum productivity by improving the performance and well-being of their employees with customized solutions in the form of team building combining athletic activity, stress management, and nutrition.


The Swiss startup HEALTHY-LONGER GmbH introduces superior effectiveness in the treatment of mental conditions through at-home neurometabolic assessment in dry urine and personalized nutritional interventions.


Meetelp is a mental health startup that helps people find the right therapist within minutes. An AI-enhanced engine makes the whole matchmaking process between the therapist and client much more precise.

Datatera AB

Datatera Technology is harnessing the value of data power by leveraging technological advancements to improve healthcare outcomes, reduce costs, and ultimately lead to a healthcare system that is more responsive, efficient, and patient-centered than ever before.

NorthernLight Diagnostic logo

NorthernLight Diagnostics

NorthernLight Diagnostics focuses on personalized medicine for better management of mental health. NLD's Ahead Treatment Advisor is a clinical decision support tool for the management of antidepressant treatment.

Me, We&You logo


MeWe&You is an application powered by ML/AI that is designed to assist professional women in effectively managing menopause daily. It aims to provide support and guidance throughout this phase of life in a user-friendly manner.

Salimeen logo


WineMill revolutionizes the drinking culture by introducing a novel way to customize the alcohol content of your favorite beverages while reducing waste and inventory requirements, offering great opportunities for the modern consumer who wants to lower alcohol consumption while maintaining the taste experience.

Ineq Solutions

Ineq Solutions combines psychosocial knowledge with smart digital technology. We help you ensure quality and simplify your work with the help of our tools and training.


Exagard is a mobile, web-based platform for safety training, making possible to overview and easily follow up the level of competence within the workplace's risk zones.

Birth by Heart

Birth by Heart vision is that every birthing woman and partner has an emotionally safe, confident and more loving birth.


Flow Meditation is a platform with highly effective guided meditations to help people access positive energy and inspiration, focus the mind and think clearly and productively.

eduqi logo

Eduqi AB

Eduqi offers high quality online education in health and personal development. Their platform helps you break old patterns, invest in your health and create sustainable lifestyle changes.


HealthGoing is a platform where users can search for quality controlled health and exercise advice, instructions, recipes and guidance, filtered and tailored to their needs. It also provides qualified service providers an arena to market their services to serious and motivated clients.

MyNana Care

MyNana Care created a virtual coach for employees - an AI solution for organisations which want to increase employee wellbeing and engagement. Using MyNana Care's HR chatbot decreases employee turnover, and increases employee wellbeing and productivity at the workplace.


Beynex is startup developing a Personalised Brain Health Coach. With Beynex's Brain Tracking Program, effortlessly monitor your brain health and detect potential issues early. Beynex constantly analyzes your cognitive performance using fun mini games, allowing early detection of potential brain health risks.

Repeak (Inspired By Focus AB)

Repeak App simplifies the collaboration between personal trainer and client by creating one-stop solution with everything from training schedules, client database, meal-planning and in-app chat option - an optimal usability of all the features.

Eupnea AS

Eupnea AS

Eupnea offers intelligent sensor technology for real-time respiratory monitoring. With their advanced smart sensor, Eupnea enables early disease detection and proactive management of various conditions for patients at risk.

Voice Diagnostic

Voice Diagnostic

Voice Diagnostic helps to transform your voice with an easy, engaging, and personalized digital voice training program designed for a more audible and sustainable voice.

Study Bee

StudyBee's vision is to help each student reach their full potential, and there we see that digitization is a great opportunity. With smart, simple and modern digital tools, teachers' everyday lives become more efficient and create more time for students.


SunSense is dedicated to developing and bringing the very best in cutting-edge personal UV sensor technology for better control and management of personal UV exposure.

Masano Health

Masano Health guides the patient through his rehabilitation journey towards a better functional ability and better quality of life.


Habbie is a digital solution that guides individuals through rehabilitation and towards an independent and active life. It puts the user first by making the rehabilitation experience as fun, empowering and simple as possible. The seamless feedback loops ensure that training programs are adapted to the user’s progress.


The CanEat app simplifies life for people with allergies, food intolerances or specific food preferences. The app lets you scan barcodes on food products and instantly see whether the product is suitable to eat. Friends can also share their CanEat filters to make it easy for cooks to cater for all guests.

Avanto Care

Avanto Care is a unique platform that collects health data and visualizes it for caregivers, healthcare professionals and next of kin, enabling personal and pro-active care. With a holistic overview and a range of reporting options, caregivers can work more pro-actively.


JodaCare was developed to improve communication between caretakers and the loved ones of vulnerable people. Using pictures and dialog, JodaCare provides a sense of predictability, peace and reassurance to those offering and receiving health services in the home as well as next of kin. (Nordic AI Solutions Oy)

Record Doctor is an AI-assisted Voice-to-Text tool, that listens to doctor-patient conversations and generates a patient note in real time. Recognizing the tremendous amount of time healthcare workers spend on paperwork and documentation, RecorDr created a solution that will transform patient-doctor interactions.

Salimeen logo


Salimeen is a digital mental health start-up focused on providing secure and accessible mental health support to the migrants from the Middle East and North Africa living in the diaspora.

EasyCare logo


Easycare AS revolutionizes administration and logistics in municipal occupational therapy and aid distribution. Their unique Software-As-A-Service solution consists of different parts that handle specific tasks and ensure that the right devices are provided to users and delivered to their homes.


PhysAct is creating a digital solution for supporting the prescription of physical activity, by enabling direct contact between the physioterapeut and the patient, and thereby increasing the compiance, and positive effect of the treatment.


Focused on commercial use of AI technology, Asya has developed custom designed models for AI vision products, video and audio emotion detection, voice diarisation, audio denoising to name a few.


Oculaudio's mission is to develop a new, modern, sophisticated and intuitive "hearing aid" solution that is conceptually different from conventional hearing aids and offer a significantly improved hearing experience for the user.


A new digital tool for risk management in a living environment. Safety information travels through several stages and does not always reach the performer - which leads to ignorance which later generates a poorer safety culture.


Mood Social makes it easy to take control of your social life, explore the best your city has to offer, and make friends nearby. Discover events and activities in your area and connect with like-minded people with the MoodSocial app.


Firemesh is a solution that automates testing, monitoring and control of sprinkler systems. Thanks to AI, Firemesh AS ensures systems are safe and up to date, and reports any errors to property owners.


HelloBalance is a startup that helps create new sustainable habits and culture change where the focus on health becomes an integrated part of working life and everyday life. With proven methods, digital tools and with the latest research in behavior change.

Testimonials from Alumni Companies

During the programme, we were able to get our B2C app Closer to You translated into Swedish and launched on the Swedish market. We gained more exposure in Sweden and almost doubled the amount of subscribers for our customer app.

By performing different customer discovery processes with companies in the Scandinavian market, they also helped us to pivot our complete technology and move to a B2B market.

– Anita Ramka, Product Manager,

The accelerator programme has been invaluable for us!

Thanks to their Investor Readiness Process I now have a better understanding of what it takes to attract investors. In addition to attracting our first investor, Digital Well Ventures has helped us recruit a co-founder.

– Mikael Eckard, CEO, Exagard AB

The weekly meetings with our start-up advisors have been very educational. They booked several meetings for us with Swedish municipalities and regional government actors. This opened up new markets and possibilities for us and would have been difficult to arrange on our own.

Eirik Nielsen, Co-founder and CEO, Entirebody AS

Through DigitalWell Ventures vi have been given unique opportunities to pitch for investors and to grow our network internationally. 

We simultaneously attended this programme and a Norwegian incubator, which has given us the best of two worlds.

Tom Austad, Founder & CEO, Oculaudio AS


The DWV accelerator has been a great journey with many different learning experiences. My business would not be where it is today without their support.

One example is the Investment Readiness Process in the programme, which gave us a better picture of how to meet and talk to investors. 

Thanks to the large group of mentors from all over the world with their different knowledge, we had easy access to expert help in any areas that we needed.

Marcus Eng, Founder Physact / Anatomia Tech AB

The DigitalWell team are masters at holding enriching events bringing together brilliant minds from across the Nordics and the global community. 

Flow has benefitted from accessing the very best mentors and from taking part in the Investor Readiness Process. Invaluable learnings and network!

Tristan Elizabeth Gribbin, Flow

Regardless of whether you are new as an entrepreneur or have extensive experience in running a company, the DigitalWell Ventures accelerator provides great value.

The program supplies you with important tools to stay on track and focused on the most important aspects for your business.

It requires a lot of work, but also provides valuable knowledge and documentation for future processes.

Martin Larsson, Habbie AB

We thought we were ready for investment before entering the accelerator, but we really were not. Now we are!

But the thing that really stand out is the fantastic network we have gotten access to, thanks to the DigitalWell Ventures team.

Elisabet Kolbrun Hansen, CanEat

The DigitalWell Accelerator helped us a lot with identifying key strengths and weaknesses. With relevant resources and clear weekly goals, our company has definitely matured a lot since we joined the accelerator and made some really great connections in the process. 

Matarr Sarr, Mood Social

My journey at DigitalWell Ventures gave me the confidence, knowledge and experience I needed to talk with investors and learn more about investment processes. I strongly believe that this program was an investment of our time that will help us in our upcoming round.

Felicia Provender, HealthGoing



Det regionala projektet DigitalWell finansieras av Europeiska Unionen – Europiska regionala utvecklingsfonden. Syftet med DigitalWell är att vi tillsammans ska utveckla digitala lösningar för behov inom välfärden med användarens egenförmåga i fokus.